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DECATEX produces since the 70’s, label, ribbons and jacquard fabrics. During this period we have had the ability and the honour to work with the most prestigious and exclusive customers, always offering a professional cooperation, inspired by the "total quality".
In DECATEX quality is top priority. Offering products that are of excellent quality is essential.
For us, quality is a value that goes beyond the finished product and extends to the service during the whole working process, supporting the customer with an accurate and fast service, from the offering to timely delivery and after-sales services of the highest standard.
DECATEX invests every year in its production facilities and now has devices technologically updated that allows it to produce a wide range of products: taffeta and satin woven labels and ribbons, semi-satin, high and very high definition, tubular labels, zipper pull, photographic effect, shaped patch even in embroidery effect and other items tissues derived.

In the field of jacquard fabrics we produce items 150 cm, wide fitting clothing and fashion accessories (shoes, bags, belts, hats ...)
Each project is developed with the highest attention to the needs of the customer.
The engineering department "Ddesign” is constantly updated on the styles and trends of the moment to offer the most innovative graphic ideas and designs.
We start from the graphic simulation, based on requests and on the mood of the customer. Follows the development of textile, sampling colours and variations. Only after final approval, the production and consequently quality control.
Each step of the design and production process is done inside our company in order to ensure quality, service and exclusivity in the drawings.

A large warehouse yarn allows us to get very nearly each colour reference; we usually use PANTONE colour chart: :