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D Design

The engineering department "D design" consists in a professional team constantly updated on styles and fashion trends, to offer the most innovative graphic and textiles proposals.
We start from the graphic simulations with associated colour palettes, based on the requests and the mood of the customer, followed by a detailed stylistic and technical advice and support. The feedback received step by step, allow us to carry out the work in full harmony.
Completed the graphic design is facing the textile industry, "D design" by virtue of his experience and textile sensibility and creativity, is able to make full use of the techniques, materials and devices potential.
The yarns are wisely woven assigning different armor depending on the desired result, sometimes it is preferable a soft and light touch, sometimes more structured for other purposes.
The effects can be flat, or more bulky, the definition can be low for a retro style or high or very high to reproduce even the smallest details. The result of this important activity is expressed in the sample and is an essential prerogative before launching production. If the result does not match the expectations, the team willcontinue to work till the customer is totally satisfied..
At Decatex nothing is produced if it has not been previously sampled and approved.