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D Green

Decatex started its process of attention and respect to the environment through a series of policies and investments in order to contribute to the protection of this vital resource for our planet.

Thanks to the creation of a photovoltaic system, placed on all our buildings, we have drastically reduced the consumption of fossil fuel energy.
This investment will allow all our customers to buy products with low environmental impact. The construction of the plant could not disregard the use of high quality components, photovoltaic panels Q.CELL produced in Germany and inverter FIMER totally made in Italy.
All this for maximum performance and reliability.

In this process we also engaged ourselves in removal and disposal of all covers in Eternit, to the insulation of all our buildings and replacement of the obsolete windows, installing the latest components to minimize the heat loss.
An investment in the future for all our employees and for the environment.

It is under construction a new line of woven labels and ribbons totally natural, completing a journey that we started some time ago and will continue to pursue in all our activities.

A clear commitment, through which we want to become the first 100% green company in our industry sector.