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Pleasant and attractive alternative to the paper hangtag, the fabric pendant integrates in excellent way with other accessories (labels, ribbons, trimmings)
Finally solved the problem of colour conformity between printing and weaving.
The materials and yarns are the same, which ensures perfect colour uniformity.
There are no dimensional problems nor does it form-size-shape.
The lasered hole may take the traditional round shape or rectangular or any other.

The manufacturing process is the same that generates a jacquard ribbon and can be customized as you wish in the colours and graphics.
It’s cut with ultrasonic technology, obtaining a measure usually around 5 mm wide
As you prefer, can be supplied on roll, or cut to the extent required.
We do not exclude the possibility of supporting the customer in threading operations, closing the loop with ultrasonic welding or with a normal tie.

In the field closely related to packaging, the BUTTON BAG is a unique and distinctive accessory to insert spare buttons.
It consists of a customizable bag with appropriate logos, colours and sizes you prefer.
The production methods are two: the more classic and traditional involves the union of two parts, by sewing and subsequent insertion of the drawstring; the most advanced and hi-tech process, uses the tubular technique, which allows the loom to get the bag in one solution.
After that it can be finished with lasered button hole.

RFID technology is becoming more widespread and is extensively used also in the textile and clothing market.
Decatex has designed and developed a special type of bag to contain the tags.
One side is open to allow the customer to easily insert the diskette and the particular internal funnel structure, holds it to prevent the spill.
At a later stage the bag is sewn on the final product and sealed permanently.
The outer sides are woven with reinforced armor that provides maximum seal security over time, even in frequent and robust washings
The shape is normally rectangular, clearly adaptable to different shapes and sizes of RFID.
Like any other product manufactured by our company, can be customized with logos and graphics of your choice.