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Textile packaging
Another sector in which the company is specialized is the packaging. Very often the packaging acquires a value equal or higher than the product itself. Anyone is attracted by a distinctive and attractive packaging.
Colours, shapes, materials, elegance rather than exaggerated characterization make us choose one product, over another.
Look and presentation, now play a key role in marketing. Evaluating these market needs, DECATEX has developed ideas and proposals to improve final product, through a series of articles:

The woven ribbons are designed, manufactured and finished in order to embellish a box, rather than wrap a garment. The size ranges from a minimum width of 4 mm.
We cannot ignore the importance of giving a touch of craftsmanship and handwork to the product that goes out on the market. A shirt wrapped in a custom jacquard ribbon, will be more sophisticated and refined.

The labels are joined with special adhesive tapes, and consequently can be affixed on any type of packaging, from the cardboard box to the glass bottle.
The labels are arranged on silicone paper, easy to handle and apply. The adhesive tapes are chosen based on end-use and tested by our technical office, in order to guarantee maximum resistance to weathering and wear.
Particular emphasis is certainly connected to wine industry. In recent years, the Italian wine has been transformed from refined drink in a cult. Just think how many fairs and expo revolve around the wineries.
Decatex realized for several wine producers the labels that distinguish the bottles.
To give an even more craft and fashion look.
The woven label, instead of the traditional paper one, adds an attractive appearance to the product. A solution to enhance the Italian wine as a product of excellence, like Italian fashion in the world.

Over the years the company has dedicated effort and resources for the design, development and production of those, which become now, a unique and unparalleled collection. From the religious themes, made by reproducing ancient icons in digital, to more simple and elegant themes, inspired by snowy landscapes, all prepared with the most special yarn; metal, flock, chenille, which are undoubtedly an expression of imagination and creativity.
Sometimes consist in different parts, the versatility makes them both a pleasant gift to receive, and an original Christmas decoration.

These products are also to be coordinated with the ribbon alloy parcel for a standard of excellence.