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Textile shaped patches

A particular kind of labels is the shaped PATCHES. The manufacturing process is partially shared. We weave up to 12 different coloured threads with the warp threads, which form the structure, obtaining any colour and shade.
The weaves patches are specially designed to give a three-dimensional appearance.
Our shaped patches have the characteristic of easily replicate the smallest details, simulating the volumes of embroidery, so that they are often preferred. After the weaving they are joined with different materials, to make the patch stiffer, and subsequently laser shaped.
The precision and versatility of laser processing allows us to perform the most complex shapes and to have a finished and clean edge.
Regarding the binding, non-woven fabrics of various weights can be used, depending on the needs. We generally use thermo-adhesive films, which allow our customers to apply the patch without any sewing, using a thermo-press or with a normal iron.
If required shaped patches can be combined and stitched to “Velcro” for easily be applied or removed by the end user. Sometimes patches can be profiled with embroidering, depending on the taste.

The uses are more and more numerous, from the application of sportswear (sweatshirts, jackets ...) to realisation of custompackaging. The versatility of this article is very suitable to personalize clothing already packed, which are more difficult to handle.

The latest fashion trends drove us to experiment new pre-washed and faded effects through teaselling and scratching processes by means of ad hoc manufactured rollers.
Through these processing, exclusively designed by our technical department, we obtain unique and always innovative effects, useful to the customer who constantly looks for new ideas for customizations that do not follow fashion but do create it.