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Woven jacquard ribbons
Woven jacquard ribbons are obtained by crossing yarns of different thickness, type and colour. The warp threads are the basic structure of the finished product, usually whites or blacks, depending on the colour result that is desired. Their composition is 100% polyester, which gives dimensional and colour stability to washing (there is no problem of washing up to 60įC). All of our weaving yarns are certified Oeko-tex standard 100, perfectly responding to REACH regulation

As already mentioned the warp threads cross the wefts that can be of varied types, size and colour. Our plants are able to weave up to 12 different threads that can be mixed with the base to obtain many colours and shades.
By virtue of our experience and creativity, we can assign different weaves depending on the result you want to achieve; sometimes it is preferable a soft and light touch sometimes more structured for other purposes.
The effects can be flat, or more bulky, the definition can be low for a retro style or high or very high to reproduce also the smallest details.
The woven ribbons can be double, the loom makes motifs both in front and at the rear. It is possible to do it even tubular: that is produced by two independent ribbons with different motifs that come together in the proximity of the edge, forming a single ribbon; this technological development leads us to the realization of zipper pull (see page zipper pull).

Our ribbons can be used in clothing for many uses, among others: as vent facings on polo shirts, on the sleeves or on the sides. Large and significant use onthe trousers and especially as rear waistband label.
They are also used on fashion accessories such as shoes, belts and handbags.
The selvedge can be thermally cut or cut with latest ultrasonic technology, to get soft and fluffy hand if in contact with skin. This technology allows us to offer woven ribbons to be applied on sweatband, especially on t-shirts, on shirts, button-neck sweaters, jackets, etc. The contact with the skin isnít a problem anymore, the selvedge doesnít scratch at all.

With regard to the shirting another product that we are able to offer is the ribbon used to tie the shirts in the packaging phase; in this connection we enter the large division of the packaging products to which we reserve a specific page.

We can even enrich the ribbon in our ennobling/finishing department. Ribbons can be dressed to get stiff or vaporized to gain softness. Upon request we can bind ribbons with other tissues, such as non-woven fabric, both in adhesive or thermo-adhesive version.