About us

We are a manufacturing company founded in 1979 by Marco Della Canonica. We operate in the textile industry focusing on accessories as distinctive elements for high fashion clothing. All our products are 100% made in Italy and we use eco-friendly materials for a lower environmental impact.


In the 1990s, the company moved to Cairate and became Decatex, also involving their children in the business. Over 40 years, Decatex has worked with prestigious customers, offering professional partnerships based on total quality. Under the leadership of Filippo Della Canonica, the second generation, the company has achieved international success through the implementation of new technologies, the expansion of the foreign market and the expansion of the product range.

What do we do?

The company has a locally concentrated structure, with a single production unit close to the headquarters. The suppliers of raw materials and semi-finished products are exclusively Italian, often from the renowned production districts of Como and Biella, specialising in fabrics for clothing and accessories. Through this choice, the company benefits from an area rich in history, tradition and professional expertise. The company identifies deeply with its roots and intends to keep them firmly rooted in the finished product.

The ‘D design’ department consists of a team of professionals experienced in the latest fashion trends, offering innovative graphic and textile proposals. The process begins with graphic simulations and stylistic/technical advice based on customer requirements. Thanks to its textile experience and creative sensitivity, ‘D design’ takes full advantage of the techniques, materials and potential of the machinery. Each result is carefully evaluated and optimised, guaranteeing the highest quality. Sampling, which is indispensable before production, ensures that nothing is produced without the customer’s approval. Decatex is committed to fully meeting its customers’ expectations.

Our articles are manufactured using certified yarns exclusively from carefully selected Italian suppliers. This choice guarantees compatibility with sensitive skins and high resistance to washing. Our textile installations are able to create up to 12 different wefts that, when combined with the warp, make it possible to obtain a wide range of colours and shades to faithfully reproduce logos, images and colours. We can weave any type of weft, whether natural, synthetic, artificial or regenerated. Our yarns are sometimes finer than a hair in order to guarantee maximum precision in the smallest details. Each item undergoes processing such as cutting, folding, sizing, lasering and laminating. Finally, a rigorous selection and quality control phase ensures high quality standards.


Environmental Commitment

We produce woven labels, patches and jacquard fabrics with regenerated or natural yarns, in our ongoing effort to become the first 100% green company. This path will continue in all our activities, offering also eco-friendly ribbons.


The experience of our team

Our corporate team is a close-knit, dynamic team ready to overcome any challenge with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Filippo della Canonica


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GRS Certification

We are proud to have obtained the GRS certification, recognized as the most important international standard for the sustainable production of textile products made from recycled materials.
The Global Recycle Standard recognizes the importance of recycling for the growth of a sustainable production and consumption model, with the aim of promoting the reduction of the use of resources (virgin raw materials, water and energy) and increasing the quality of products recycled.
The GRS is issued by the ICEA certification body, which ensures traceability along the entire production process, restrictions in the use of chemical products, compliance with environmental and social criteria in all phases of the production chain from the recycling of materials, to subsequent manufacturing phases, up to the finished product. The company consequently adheres to an ethical behavioral standard of respect for all social actors: suppliers, collaborators, employees and obviously towards the environment and nature. Decatex is therefore able to supply a tape, a label, a fabric, made with polyester yarns obtained from plastic processing waste and in particular from post-consumer PET plastic bottles.