High frequency

At Decatex, we are committed to supporting our customers from the earliest stages of the design process, offering tailor-made solutions to ensure the smooth placement of labels on garments. Our design department, ‘Ddesign’, takes care of creating eye-catching graphic proposals, accompanied by appropriate colour palettes. After thorough consultation, we move on to the textile phase, providing samples for final approval, with colour variations, before proceeding with final production.

applicazione ad alta frequenza high frequency

Patch tapes and labels with high frequency application

High frequency is a technique that allows plastic materials to be given any shape and fixed to the fabric permanently. Using different colors and finishes you can replicate the metal decorations.

You can give volume to the shapes, you can mix and match different colors.

You can change the feeling to the touch, hand peach, slippery…


Shape and size +

The most diverse shapes can be made as desired.

Distinctive features +

Lightness, strength and durability.

Finish +

Glossy, matte, silky or rubbery.



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