Woven tapes

Geometric, floral, optical, stripes, barré, plain….. we produce woven jacquard ribbons, trimmings and webbing for many uses. Tape heights from a minimum of 4 mm to a maximum of 400 mm. Jacquard woven ribbons are obtained by crossing warp and weft threads of different thickness, type and colour. Our looms process up to 12 different wefts simultaneously, which intertwine with the warp to produce unlimited colours and nuances.

By virtue of our textile experience and design and creative sensitivity, we can assign different weaves depending on the desired result: soft, light, soft, heavy, thick

The effects can be flat, smooth and thin or more voluminous, the definition low, somewhat retro-inspired, or high or very high, to reproduce even the smallest details. Their composition is often polyester, which confers dimensional and colourimetric stability to washing; (no problems with washing up to 60 degrees).

We can weave yarns as fine as a hair and as thick as a string, of various compositions, recycled, natural, synthetic, artificial or special yarns such as lurex or fluorescent and more. All the yarns in our weaving mills are Oeko-tex standard 100 certified, sourced from Italian spinning mills and fully compliant with the REACH regulation.

nastri tessuti woven tapes


The selvedge can be thermo-cut for maximum hold, or ultrasonically cut to give a soft, supple hand when in contact with the skin. It is also possible to further enrich the woven ribbon with finishes, which we produce in our finishing workshop.

The ribbons can be sized, then stiffened or steamed to gain softness. On request, they can be combined with backing materials, such as non-woven fabric, in both adhesive and thermo-adhesive versions.

There is also a tubular or tubular tape version: i.e. produced with two tapes, straight and reverse, with independent patterns and designs that join together near the outer edge.


Belt height +

From a minimum of 4 mm to a maximum of 400 mm.

Number of colours +

Up to 12 weave colours.

textile yield +

Finishes and structures as desired.


nastri tessuti decatex woven tapes

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nastri tessuti personalizzati woven tapes

Customised tape

Decatex has been producing high-end jacquard ribbons since 1979, supporting brands in their customisation and collaborating, through our Ddesign division, with style offices.

Our proposals are not limited to colour variants at the weaving stage, but extend to the entire design and graphics phase, constantly aligning the needs of use with the best aesthetic result.


Size +

From a minimum of 8 mm up to 40 mm.

Color +

Up to 12 weave colours.

post press +

Each tape is ultrasonically cut and can receive laminating, sizing, soft touch treatments as required.


nastri decatex woven tapes

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nastri tessuti cimosati woven tapes

Selvedge tape

As for labels, our workers, with the experience gained in more than 30 years of textile history, and the availability of new and updated machinery, produce selvedge ribbons using the most advanced and innovative techniques.

The use of fibres of different and increasingly sought-after natures, allows us to obtain original textile effects that are always in step with fashion demands, always suitable for the use sought-after by the seasonal collections


Compositions +

The article can be made of 100% silk or 100% cotton, 100% polyester or a variety of weaves.


Size and dimension +

With the tools at our disposal, we can meet any size requirement. From a minimum of 8 mm to a maximum of 200 mm, depending on usage requirements

Versatility +

The softness of the edges allows any use on the garment, either in contact with the skin or externally to enhance its beauty.


nastri e passamanerie woven tapes

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