Woven labels or jacquard woven tapes are laminated with special double-sided adhesives to be affixed to all kinds of packaging, from cardboard boxes to glass bottles, plastics and more.
Laminated jacquard labels are laid out on paper with a siliconised backing, individually hot-cut or laser-cut according to shape, so that they can be applied and handled easily on the finished product.

etichette per packaging


The jacquard technique allows the smallest details to be faithfully reproduced.
The yarns used are polyester, which resist light and wear very well.
Special wefts can be used to reproduce glitter or silver/gold foils.
It is also possible to enrich woven labels with applications of all kinds (rhinestones, floc, embroidery…).

The woven label, instead of the traditional paper label, adds a decidedly more fashionable and sophisticated look to the finished product.

L’etichetta tessuta, al posto della tradizionale cartacea, aggiunge un aspetto decisamente più fashion e ricercato al prodotto finito.


Adhesive +

The double-sided adhesives are chosen according to end use and tested by our technical department to ensure maximum resistance to weathering, wear and tear and liquid spills on the container.


Unrestricted up to a maximum of 400 mm.

Application +

Adhesive woven labels are supplied on rolls and individually cut so that the operator can apply them easily, quickly and accurately.


packaging profumo

Dai uno sguardo da vicino

bottiglia packaging

Fabric Tapes

In addition to the packaging label, we produce customized jacquard ribbons that can be used not only for closing parcels, boxes, gift boxes but also to complete the folding of shirts or garments that want to stand out with a touch of elegance and refinement.


Project +

Customized according to needs.

Support +

Of various types from synthetic to natural based on requests.

Dimension +

From 4 mm up to 200 mm.


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