Small bags

Rfid technology is becoming increasingly popular and is also being used extensively in the textile-clothing field.
Decatex has designed and developed a special type of jacquard fabric bag to hold the tag.
One side remains open to allow the customer to easily insert the disc, and the special funnel-shaped internal structure holds it in place, preventing it from spilling out.
At a later stage, the bag is sewn onto the finished garment and permanently sealed.
The outer sides are woven with a reinforced weave, which guarantees maximum security even with frequent and robust washing.

sacchettini small bags

The shape is normally rectangular, clearly adaptable to different shapes and sizes of Rfid.
Like any other article produced by our company, it can be customised with logos and graphics of your choice BUTTON BAGS is an exclusive and distinctive accessory for inserting spare buttons. It consists of a woven bag that can be customised at will with appropriate logos, in the colours and sizes of your choice.
There are two production methods: the more classic and traditional one involves the joining of two parts by stitching and the subsequent insertion of the drawstring; the more evolved and hi-tech one makes use of the ‘tubular’ technique, which allows the loom to obtain the bag in a single solution; it can then be finished with a buttonhole rather than a laser-cut hole.


Anti-shoplifting +

RFID can replace traditional point-of-sale control systems, as it is integral to the brand label, which a consumer can hardly tear off.

logistics and inventory +

RFID is a tool that allows warehouses and shops to perform real-time inventories.

Authenticity check +

It allows the end consumer to verify the authenticity of the garment purchased.


small bags

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